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Creative Smoke Bomb Photos

There is certainly a huge trend going on in the photography world at the moment. Smoke Grenade Pictures can be seen everywhere as photographers, in particular, set their neighborhoods on fire with colorful smoke.

Boring backdrops can turn into a vibrant and artistic element of every image, especially when combined with the right light. Therefore smoke bombs turned into a valuable gadget in most photographers bags.

What makes them so versatile is the fact that you can use them for most types of photography. For instance Wedding Photos, Engagement Photos & Family Photos are the obvious choices. But they also work great in Maternity Photography, Kids Photography or even Double Exposure Photography.

Baby announcement of two lovers

Adrienne Baez –


Creative Bridal Portrait in smoke

Agne Katmandu –


Halloween themed smoke grenade picture of a child in a witch costume

Ashley Herek –


A Creative Photo of two women in a field covered in smoke

Bailey Elizabeth Weigler –


Creative Smoke Bomb Photos on the street

Carolina Marie Segre Hoyer –


Smoke Grenade Picture at Halloween

Chelsea Warren –


Cornel Spoiala –


How to use them?

Smoke Grenades are fairly easy to use. In fact, all you need to do is pull a string and that’s it. You should, however, be aware that the smoke can be very hard to control sometimes. The wind can be truly a huge problem on the one hand.

Blowing away all of your smoke to one side for example. No wind at all, on the other hand, can be nasty as well as it can get very hard to breathe once you are really trapt in the smoke.

For this reason, just be sure where the wind is coming from and wait for the perfect timing before you start the smoke grenade. So that you can use the short timeframe that you have wisely.


Christy Morgan –


Dave Honegger –


Emily Easton –


Erika Brooke Franta –


Erika Trivett –



Jennifer Sanchez –


Jessica Louise –


A stunning maternity photography shot of a woman with a smoke grenade

Jessica Young –


Smoke Bomb Photos

Jill Puryear Leaming –


Smoke Grenade Boudoir Image

Lauren Mc Gee –


Where to get them?

You should check your local camera stores if they have some in stock or just browse through amazon or google. After all there are multiple versions of smoke grenades that can be bought. We will do some testing in the near future to check and see which smoke bombs are the best for your photos.


Smoke Bomb Photo of a wedding couple

Mic Panic –


Wedding portrait of a couple

Pierre Atelier –


Couple kissing on a beach

Sara Holt Whittaker –


Creative portrait of a black haired girl

Shreya Singh –


Engagement Photo of a man and a woman on logs

Tara Burnett –


Wedding couple surrounded by a smoke grenade

Tashamae Cline –


Black and White Smoke Bomb Photos

Virag Meszaros –


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