Why should I sign up as a PRO ?

It just made sense for us to offer you a new way to share your work and be seen by even more people

First things first guys, nobody has to sign up ! This is just an option we wanted to give you all. We simply listened to what you wanted and tried to create a platform that connects all of us ( photographers / videographers ) in a new and exciting way. Let me just try to explain what the entire idea behind this is. LOOKSLIKEFILM has always been and still is a place where artists share their work, connect with other people and get inspired every single day.

It just made sense for us to offer you a new way to share your work and be seen by even more people . That is why we created customizable profiles. Upload your profile image, connect your website and social media links, set your map location, pick your field of photography, upload some images to your gallery and you are good to go.


Why should I sign up as a PRO ?


You will be listed in our artist search once you do. This is the first step in slowly evolving LOOKSLIKEFILM into a place, where people go to find a perfect artist for anything . A wedding, a family shoot or even a birth. We have the traffic, the content, the users and the SEO knowledge to expose all of us to a wider audience. This is not something that happens overnight but we already started to make it happen.


Why should I sign up as a PRO ?


Some wedding directories for example charge multiple hundreds of dollars alone to list artists on their site and do not really add any extra features for their members. This is were our features come into play. A cool new feature that we added to the site is the Job Board for Pro Members. Just imagine you are looking for a second shooter for an upcoming wedding. Just add a job to the job board and include requirements and infos for your job. Insert the date, location, budget… and let people apply to your job when they are interested. You will then be notified in your LLF menu and optionally by e-mail if you agreed to that while creating your job. Super easy and super helpful, especially when you are looking for something last minute. You can apply to any type of job on your own as well of course.


Why should I sign up as a PRO ?


Another cool feature will be the option to enter at no cost to our contest. Contests will be held throughout the entire year in different categories. We are looking for the best wedding images, the best engagement images, best boudoir images or the best images of kids, which will actually start in the next days. The coolest thing about the contests are probably the prizes that we will give away. These will vary for each contest but our first kids contest our main winner will be awarded 300$ + A print feature in the October issue of the Rangefinder Magazine + 6 months unlimited storage on Cloudspot and a fine art print by QT Albums. Thats pretty cool and amazing I guess?


Why should I sign up as a PRO ?


Our partners are also giving away so much more when you checkout your Benefits tab in your profile menu. Discounts to software, presets, online galleries and even workshops. If you are just getting into all of that stuff. The Pro membership will already save you money jut by signing up and redeeming your discounts for all of the above. The benefits will also constantly change and new partners will be added in the next weeks. Our soon to be released projects will also give you certain benefits. There will be discounted rates for our outsourcing service LLF Edits and discounted rates for AEON, our online video education platform.

We also brought back one of the most liked features when LOOKSLIKEFILM started out, the Inspiration Wall. Pro Members will be able to use our search tool to look for inspiration from all of our featured images. And you can even submit your own photos and create useful backlinks to your website, which are very important for your SEO.

Why should I sign up as a PRO ?


And the good thing about all of what you just read? We will be adding more features over and over again. We will listen to you, see what you all want and add them to the site at no extra costs. A cool thing that we are already working on is a marketplace to buy and sell camera equipment . With our 20% discount at the moment SHUTUP, all of the above is available for roughly 135 US $. So if you want to join this new adventure with us head over to our sign up page and start creating your profile right now.


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  1. This. Is. Dope.

    Ummm this is so freaking cool. Y’all are hustlers Baby.

  2. Heather

    Such a good idea!

  3. Slawa Smagin

    Yes, this is great.

  4. Martin Dabek

    Sounds great. Love it!

  5. Ed Pereira

    Love Looks Like Film for inspirational photos! I’d love to join!

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