What You Need To Know About Micro Weddings!

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What You Need To Know About Micro Weddings!

Imagine this, you are in the process of planning your wedding, and the picture in your mind is a small, affordable, and simple but intimate affair but still crave the traditional lovely curated experience. You are most definitely looking to have a micro wedding. These have become the new norm, especially in the wake of the pandemic, with all the protocols and social distancing guidelines in place. This new trend is suitable for minimalists and couples on a budget.

What is a Micro Wedding?

Micro weddings are small intimate affairs featuring time-honored traditions like having a beautiful décor, a photographer, cake, and décor but, on a smaller scale with a lean guest list of usually 20 to 50 people, usually close family members and a few friends. This, therefore, allows you to be surrounded by the people you love even as you enjoy each other. Most aspects of larger weddings can be incorporated in the micro wedding but typically with a more relaxed vibe. Micro weddings have spiked in the recent past, and they could be said to be the most trending marriage system in the US.

Should I have a Micro Wedding?

Intimate touch to your guests

Bearing in mind Micro weddings are small-scale events, they pretty much allow you to think about every guest and what you could offer them with personalized special touches? You could incorporate thoughtful tokens, which don’t have to be hugely expensive. Small gatherings will obviously ensure you have quality time to interact with your guests as they allow for a more relaxed vibe and lots of quality conversations in the excitement of your day.

Cost Implications

Being a small-scale close-knit event, micro weddings ensure you are providing for a limited number of invited guests compared to hundreds of guests in a large wedding, especially when you are looking at price per head basis. If your wedding is really small, you could choose to cut on a number of costs, like even decide to cater to your guests yourself with lovely prepared finger-foods or even bring on board the services of your favorite restaurant. Wedding favors and centerpieces can be an opportunity to save on your spending and even get creative in the process. You could as well choose to cut on the non-essential things on your checklist.

Bearing in mind the numbers are small, couples can most definitely choose to spoil their select few special guests to indulgent celebrations, which may include exclusively hiring out venues, having amazing destination weddings surrounded by loved ones, and creating amazing life experiences. It is therefore easy to be flexible cost-wise when you opt for a micro- wedding.


Micro weddings offer couples the flexibility to think outside the box and not be specifically tied to the demands, formalities, requirements, and expectations that come with large traditional weddings. Look at it this way; having a lean guest list with no tight schedules, fewer wedding comparisons, no formalities obviously gives you a leeway to enjoy your day and make it totally unique.

Perfect Venue Choice

A micro wedding allows you to scale down on a perfect but intimate location to say I DO! Having a smaller ceremony definitely means you can be even more flexible with where you do it. You could even choose to have the wedding in your home, a park with jaw-dropping views, magical city garden suites, or even an isolated location since you don’t need to worry about capacity. You can allow yourselves to venture into somewhere new and unexplored for your special moment. There is definitely plenty of opportunities to break away from the norm.

Less Planning time

Think of the fact that having a micro wedding means less work as there are fewer guests to think about and plan for than large numbers in traditional weddings. Most of the things on your to-do list can be reduced in time or even eliminated just by having a lean guest list. This means less stress and planning time for the couple.

Perfect Chance To Get Creative

Micro weddings offer you the perfect chance as a couple to bring forth your creativity and play with it for your perfect day. This will ensure the ceremony reflects who you are and can even come up with a theme that borders both traditional and modern wedding setups. You could even go as far as choosing a theme for both your guest to address in accordance with.

Key Pointers

A point to note, though, is that if this is the route you have chosen, you may not meet everybody’s expectations; therefore, it is important to stick to what makes the both of you happy and not letting anyone dissuade you. Some of the considerations to make if you are looking to have a Micro wedding include:

How many guests normally attend a micro wedding?

It is not possible to invite everyone. Otherwise, it will lack the meaning of an intimate event. Therefore, it is important to agree on a guest list with your fiancée. Here it is important to consider who you would want by your side on your big day, be it, family or friends, then be selective about it. Again if the current lockdown measures are to go by, your guest list might end up being leaner than you envisaged. Therefore, it is important to keep the list leaner with your nearest and dearest and cut out the fair-weather friends.

How much do micro weddings cost?

This is indeed very important. You can choose to do away with certain items or décor completely, for instance, elaborate transportation services. You could, however, choose to splurge on areas or items that are close to your heart and save on others. Be flexible. You ought to make up your mind and detach from cultural or traditional wedding demands. There is no rule book regarding the dress code for a micro wedding; you could choose to make it as simple or elaborate as you envision.

Do micro weddings need a Wedding Planner?

Small celebrations need planning, too, and you could get the services of a wedding planner so that you can pay attention to detail to ensure nothing important is left out.


Gift Registry could still be necessary or having gift options for your wedding. Bearing in mind, you will be having close and intimate people besides you, they may most likely want to contribute to the start of your marriage life.

Several do-it-yourself (DIY) wedding favors you could consider for your intimate guests at your micro wedding. They are indeed a great way to make your budget go further. They may include but are not limited to:

Sweet Treats

You can purchase Retro Sweets in bulk and repackage them into beautiful glass jars with stripy bags. This gives you a chance to make sure your guests take away something sweet. You could also fill a jam jar with a homemade dessert or cake and further personalize it by engraving their names or adding a dash of printed cute photos on each.

Scented Candles

This is indeed a simple but stylish choice of gift. Soy Wax candles are perfect for a lean budget. You could fill jars with candle wax, attach labels with sweet personalized messages, and get budget scented candles from the store and attach personalized notes.

Custom Made Mugs

You can have customized mugs for each guest with their names and initials and probably add photos of yourselves to remind them of your happy day.

Potted plants

Small personalized potted plants can be the perfect choice of gifts for your guests, particularly passionate about gardening. You can also plant a bulb for them to grow and attach their names.

a wedding ceremony taking place in a chapel with a low number of guests

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Emerging Trends For Micro Weddings

There is a rising trend of couples who have opted for micro weddings, desiring to have a micro wedding opting to offer an all-inclusive wedding experience package from hotels, resorts, and even private homes. It is an obviously less stressful option as long as the rates align with your budget and taste. Some elaborate packages boast of a person to officiate the ceremony, proper décor, a wedding cake, honeymoon amenities, including massages, breakfast in bed. Most of these all-inclusive packages are, however, common with destination micro weddings. No matter the style of planning you settle on, choosing a micro wedding ensures you enjoy your wedding in the most intimate way possible.

In conclusion, micro weddings are the in thing when it comes to weddings. They holistically ensure you feel more at ease and relax on your special day even as you create special lasting unique memories with the people you love. Some couples are setting their sight on more affordable intimate celebrations as It obviously allows them to enjoy the true meaning of the day. With the current wave, micro weddings are a perfect solution to the drastic adjustments that have recently taken place in the world and precisely in the wedding industry.


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