The best Couple & Engagement Photographers on LLF in 2018!

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The best Couple & Engagement Photos of 2018


It can be hard sometimes to find the right photographer for your couple & engagement photos. Most people have the impression that these photos need to be posed and do not know what else is possible.
There are endless ways to make your photos stand out among all the others.

The new generation of LOOKSLIKEFILM photographers changed the way we think about these photos. Nobody wants to see a couple peeking out behind a tree or forming a heart shape with their hands.

It’s all about the wild & artistic side for our engagement photographers that do not follow any rules and just let their heart speak with their engagement photography.

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We are happy to announce “The Best Couple & Engagement Photographers From 2018.”


Hipster Girl kissing a man while her hair is blowing in the wind

Ashley Smith –


Tattooed man and woman kissing in a cabin

Close up of two target employees that are getting married

Bailey Elizabeth Weigler –


A drone shot of a couple laying on a blanket

Barbara Rahal Hollington-Sawyer –


Close Up of a pretty man and woman

Barbara Schmid –


A man playing with a girl in front of a Louvre fountain

Becy Farr –


A man reads a book to his wife while she is sitting in the bathtub

Ben Sowry –


A woman embracing her man in the desert at sunset

Bianca Malone –


Close up of a man kissing his woman on her forehead

Brandon Taylor –


A happy gay couple in front of a red tree

Bryden Giving –


Out of focus shot of two lovers nearly kissing

Carla Bell –


A man hugging his woman in a lupine field with mountains in the background

Chay McIaren –


A couple dancing at sunset in a forest

Chris Trimble –


Close up of a woman hugging her man while she is holding a letter

Cory Regovich –


Black and White Photo of a man grabbing a girls boob in the middle of a lake

Dawndra Budd –


A man proposing to a surprised woman in a cabin

Emily Kaar –


An elderly couple sitting on an old-timer and laughing

Eric Draht –


Two elderly people hugging while wearing glasses

Erin Margan –

A nighttime couple shot in front of a lit up wedding venue

Ewelina Zieba –


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The best Couple & Engagement Photographers on LLF in 2018!


A country couple in front of a herd of bulls

Jaime Burrow –


Double exposure of an engagement photo of a tattooed couple kissing

Jami Jeskey –


Two elderly gay man embracing each other naked on a bed

Jamie Buckley –



Tilt Shift photo of a man and a woman standing on a tree at a lake

Jordan Jameson –


A couple kissing on the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise

Jordan Voth –


A sexy couple embracing in a lake with mountains in the background

Jules Rollins –


A man kneeing next to his wife who is sitting in a wheelchair embracing him

Kalynne Bready –


A man picking up his wife in front of a large cloud

Karol Kubara –


An intimate shot of a couple sitting on the black sand beach at sunrise

Karolina Grzegorzek –


An elderly Japanse man hugging and warming his wife with his jacket on a beach

Katherine Brook –


A man and a woman holding hands in front of a large battleship

Kayce McCullough Schoffner –


A tattooed couple kissing in the water at sunset next to a pier

Are you tired of our couple & Engagement Photos yet?

A man and a woman kissing naked in a bathtub covered in foam with their dog around

Kristina Ohl-Boyd –


Sunset Photo of a couple kissing at the beach with rocks in the background

Leesha Miller –


A girl and a boy laying in a field with their heads next to each other nearly kissing

Leslie vandyke –


A couple playing in the ocean

Lindsey Roman –

A hip couple holding each other in the middle of a street covered in snow

Lukas Piatek –


man and a woman holding hands in a greenhouse

Majo Aguirre –


A woman jumping onto her man while their dog is making a funny face

An intimate engagement photo of two lovers kissing in a coffee shop

Marissa Yuhas –


A beautiful photo of two lovers standing on a hill in front of the night sky

Martina Skrobot –


A man and a woman kissing in front of the Sydney Opera house at night

Mateusz Siedlecki –

The best Couple & Engagement Photographers on LLF in 2018!

Kylie Farmer –


A naked couple standing in the snow while wearing hats and gloves

Melissa Receveur –


A man and a woman standing in a field holding hands

Mic Panic –


The best Couple & Engagement Photographers on LLF in 2018!


A couple standing in a lake while the sun sets

Michelle Barnett –


A man and a woman laying on a blanket while its snowing

Missie Collins Lafrenz –


Engagement Photos of a couple in a smoke bomb

We are not done yet, folks!

Underwater Engagement Photos from a couple

Naba Zabih –

A couple walking in a foggy field surrounded by trees

Nicola Leigh –


A woman and a man dancing on the beach at sunset

Olga Levien –


A playful naked couple in the ocean

Rafal Bojar –


Two lovers laying in the back of their car while the moon is shining

River G. West –


The best Couple & Engagement Photographers on LLF in 2018!

Rob Dight –


Long Exposure Photography of a couple in the subway

Roberto Santos –


An elderly couple in their apartment

Alina Schessler –


A couple dancing on a rainy street in Brooklyn

Sarah Benner –


A Lesbian couple holding hands while sitting in a field

Sarah Price –


A couple leaning next to a wall and nearly kissing

A pregnant woman laying on the beach with her man

A man holding a woman in the ocean

A girl holding her man while he is playing a guitar

Sarah Greene –


A black couple lit up by a sunset

Shelby Rae Robinson –


A couple in uniform framed by the US flag

Sierra Hammond –


Long exposure photography of a couple at night

Sirjana Singh –


A beautiful couple in a bathtub

Syd & Dana Takeshta –


An elderly couple holding hands

Tara Tomlinson –


Man and a Woman standing on a cliff watching a storm

Theo Barros –


A couple standing in a snowy forest

Tracy Koflanovich –


Two lovers sitting on the ground at night lit up by a car

Twyla Jones –


A couple in a Tulip field

Whitney McGuire –


A Spanish couple dancing Flamenco in an arena

Yakaly Di Roma –


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The best Couple & Engagement Photographers on LLF in 2018!


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