Image by Eastlyn Bright Tolle
Image by Eastlyn Bright Tolle

A Global Community of Photographers & Creatives

LOOKSLIKEFILM is a community of creatives where, by sharing our individual experiences, we enrich, embolden, and empower one another.

Also. It’s an epic, never-ending feedback loop of jaw-dropping awesomeness, basically.

At the heart of everything we do is our love and gratitude for this community – every one of us – without whom our individual and collective accomplishments would be lightyears behind.

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How did it all start?

LOOKSLIKEFILM started several years back . . .

. . . in a tiny corner of the internet where a bunch of photographers were all gleefully geeking out about crafting images that looked and felt like life – a bit messy, gritty and grainy, faded and heartfelt and hopeful.

And now it’s grown into the best damned group of creatives on the world wide web – hands down – each of us fearlessly doing our own thing, sharing it with each other, and learning anew with each image why we fell in love with finding meaning and emotion in a single, two-dimensional frame.

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Image by Alexia Mercado

We need couples !

While it’s true that we’re a fairly diverse cross-section of photographers, many of us shoot tons of weddings and engagements. This means our first love is shooting couples in love. It’s what we do. So, yeah, it’s not uncommon that, while we’re in between shoots or traveling to a destination wedding, we’re always looking for couples who want to collaborate with us and help us keep our game on point – whether on impromptu shoots, styled shoots, or at workshops. If you’re game, we’re there.

So, join our directory to meet photographers who are eager to craft some killer images of you and your boo.

You will get notified via e-mail once this feature goes live !


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Chinelle Rojas

Port of Spain, Port of Spain Corporation, Trinidad and Tobago
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Henry Tieu

Seattle, WA, United States

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Meridian Presets

Being a creative takes equal parts vulnerability and guts. We know this. Often it’s about letting go, trusting the process, while at the same time never giving an inch when it comes to realizing your vision. You started this journey because you’ve got something to say and somewhere to go.

Check out our presets by Benj Haisch, Jennifer Moher, Meg Loeks, Pablo Beglez, Cody & Allison, Diane Villadsen, Laura Beck & Rafal Bojar.

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Workshops & Meet-Ups

Really, it’s not enough to gather online; it’s just not. So, we like to actually meet, you know, in real life.

That’s why we love hosting workshops and meet-ups!

Stay tuned for info on our next gathering of trouble makers, misfits, and weirdos.

If nothing else, it’s always interesting!

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Here’s a distillation of the top 4 reasons we all need some LOOKSLIKEFILM

Our Community of 60k+ Creatives

Our Community of 60k+ Creatives

A community of like-minded adventurers dedicated to crafting killer ish on the regular.

See and Be Seen. And Be Amazed.

See and Be Seen. And Be Amazed.

Share you work with those who love photography, too. And feast your eyes on a never-ending flow of visual deliciousness.

Daily Updates of the Best

Daily Updates of the Best

We curate the best of the best, deliver those images daily, so you can be inspired and inspire others.

Access the Tools to Success

Access the Tools to Success

Postproduction tools, online education & discounts from all of our partners.

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Image by Anna Harris


Because kids are way better than adults – clearly – we capture them in all their uninhibited and hopeful magnificence as often as life allows.

And then we share it with the world. Join us in this most noble of endeavors.



Life without our furry friends would be a mistake. Full stop. The joy they bring us is immeasurable, and we have to share that joy with others. It would be criminal not to, right?

Besides, we all know the internet was invented for this very reason.

That’s why we have groups and pages and Insta’s dedicated to them. Run! Come see!



For many of us, our primary passion is wedding photography, and for that we have a group where we can hang out and obsess together about it all.

We really do love everything about it.

Join up! Take a look . . .


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