The 41 Most Unique Bride & Groom Portrait Images Of 2019

Wedding Portrait Images – Bride & Groom

We selected the most beautiful bridal & groom portraits of 2019 from our Community. Getting a proper wedding portrait done is not that easy. Wedding Photographers most often do not have the time to be creative. There is so much hectic on a wedding day that we can’t always be that creative.

Some of you guys, however, were still able to do it. The following shots are not all done on the wedding day. Some are post-wedding shoots, workshops, or styled shoots. No matter when or how these wedding images were taken, they are just breathtaking.

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Wedding Portrait

Wedding Portraits – Best of 2019

Wedding Portrait of an Indian Bride

Jen Morrison –



Bridal Portrait at Sunset on a field

Samantha Harrell – 



Beautiful Image of a Bride next to a horse

Juanlu Rojano –



wedding portrait of a bride

Nicole Kaminski-Campobasso – 



wedding portrait at getting ready

Sarah Yesberg –



bridal portrait of a bride in the snow, wearing a green dress

Brooke Rhinehart Anderson –


Esteban Gil –


Celia Bell –



Andras Schram –



Christian John O’Reilly –



Al Martinez – 



Tricia Victoria – 


Patricia Anguiano Carotida –



Lisa Byrne –



Chris Randle –



Esteban Gil –
Sasson Haviv –
Anders Dalsgaard –
Jan Breitmeier –
Lauren Laveria –
Aleksandra Blaszkowska – 
Mada Stoica –
Vicki Moyer –
Makena Lee Henze –
Kewin Connin Jackson –
Kylie Farmer – 
Ewelina Zieba –
Michal Jasiocha –
Christian John O’Reilly –
Laurene Bertolo –
Andrea Laurenza –
Betka Vass –
Larisa Andreea Gancea –
Alexa Clarke-Kent – 
Darek & Nina Lukasik –

The end – What else do you need to know?

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Wedding Portrait

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