Zion Presets


ZION Presets are celebrated for their ability to enhance photos with vivid colors and dynamic contrasts, making them ideal for family and wedding photographers looking to capture the warmth and brightness of their subjects. Each preset in the collection is crafted to accentuate the natural beauty of your photography, from the lush greens of a landscape to the golden hues of a sunset, ensuring that every photo you take tells a vivid story.
  • 16 Color Presets + Toolkit
  • For Lightroom and Camera Raw
  • Easy to use and versatile
  • Perfect for Portraits
1. product description
2. What’s Inside

ZION gives you all the options you need to create that perfect edit. At its core, this collection is very vivid in tones and colors, especially in the greens and yellows. However, you can change this by selecting any of its variants that are either more contrasty, softer, or even more vintage with a faded look. ZION is perfect for family and wedding photographers. It will perfectly highlight the warm colors of spring and summer with a unique charm that none of our collections has had so far.

16 Lightroom & Camera Raw Presets

The ZION Presets collection contains a total of 16 color presets. The download includes a folder containing all .xmp files that work for LR and ACR.

ZION Presets work with Lightroom Classic 7.3 or higher and any version of Camera RAW. Please make sure to check your version number before purchasing. The download of ZION Presets does not include any .lrtemplate files.

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