Motion Blur Effect Presets by India Earl


Focus on the moment and transform with DRIFT – Motion Blur Effect Presets by India Earl. The Post Production Magic to add trending motion blur. Capture Now. Create Motion Later.
  • 18 x Authentic Motion Blur Effects
  • For Lightroom Classic only
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2. What’s Inside

In the fast-paced whirl of a shoot, every moment is fleeting, and every snapshot is a chance to capture a lifetime of memories. But in the quest to embrace the trend of motion blur— that magical effect that breathes life and movement into photographs — many photographers find themselves tangled in technical settings, risking the loss of capturing moments in their purest form. ‘Drift’ changes the game.

Co-created with the talented India Earl, ‘DRIFT’ is designed to infuse your images with the essence of motion even after the day. Focus on what truly matters: living and capturing it in the moment without the constraints of complex camera settings or the fear of missing out.

18 x Authentic Motion Blur Effects, each offering unique movement and mood to elevate your photography’s aesthetic.

The minimal requirements to run the presets are Adobe Lightroom Classic 11 or higher. We suggest using our presets with the latest version. Please note: These presets are only available as XMP files. Camera RAW is NOT supported!

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