Capture One Styles By LOOKSLIKEFILM

Capture One Styles By LOOKSLIKEFILM

Capture One Styles // As you might have heard, a few weeks ago, our very first LOOKSLIKEFILM Capture One Style set was released. It is called “Reverie Styles” and the aim is to inspire a new audience with the LOOKSLIKEFILM vibe. We also want to show our current community the astonishing power of Capture One Pro when using the Reverie Styles with the world’s premier name in photo editing software instead of editing with outdated Lightroom.

Capture One Styles By LOOKSLIKEFILM

Lukas Piatek about Reverie Styles

Reverie was developed to make photo editing as efficient as possible. From moody, cinematic edits to clean film-inspired looks, the Reverie color palette works in many different ways.

Create stunning and consistent photos in just a few clicks thanks to the new Reverie Styles from LOOKSLIKEFILM founder Lukas Piatek – and accelerate your workflows with powerful organizing and editing tools from Capture One. “Reverie” include 8 Styles in total; 4 color and 4 B&W styles.

Reverie – Alpha

A go-to Style with warmed-up shadows, clean whites, and nice contrasts. Perfect for overcast days with even soft light.

Capture One Styles By LOOKSLIKEFILM


Reverie – Beta

A beautiful style that throws a warm layer of tones over highlights and shadows. Ideal for blue hour photos but versatile enough for all kinds of settings.

Capture One Styles


Reverie – Delta

Delta offers a wonderful, clean look across the color palette, adding a classic and timeless feel to your photos.

Capture One Styles


Reverie – Gamma

With a yellow-reddish mix of mid-tones and shadows, this moody Style is perfect for golden hour shots.

Capture One Styles By LOOKSLIKEFILM


Reverie – Lambda

Give your photos a cinematic feel and finish with these black and white Styles. With clean and strong contrasts to faded highlights and shadows, there’s a Style for every monochrome look.

Capture One Styles By LOOKSLIKEFILM


Reverie – Omega

Capture One Styles


Reverie – Omicron

Capture One Styles By LOOKSLIKEFILM


Reverie – Sigma

Capture One Styles

Get the Reverie Styles 

Why Capture One?

Capture One is the complete photo editing software solution. With powerful tools for organizing, color grading, layer editing – and much more – you get full creative control of your images and your workflow.

  • Accurate colors
  • Fast importing and exporting
  • Precise color-editing tools
  • Reliable tethered shooting
  • Beautiful customizable interface
  • Flexible payment plans – subscribe or own your license.


Capture One Styles By LOOKSLIKEFILM


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