Choosing the best wedding photographer Iceland is definitely  a tough decision as a couple. There are so many amazing artists all around the world and it’s not easy to find the right choice in the abundance of the photography world.

Being one of the largest photography communities online, gives us the ability to showcase our shortlist of the Best Wedding Photographers in Iceland to you.

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Wedding Photographer Iceland

Lukas Piatek

Hey, my name is Lukas. I am not a photographer. I am a narrator. Telling your story through my eyes and my camera. Capturing moments and creating memories is what I do, what I live and breathe. I want to be part of your journey and document it in the purest form. Let me be your companion, so we can create something unique and beautiful. I love to travel the world, no matter where you are from.

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Wedding Photographer Iceland

Daniela Marquardt

Hi guys! I´m Danny. My heart beats totally hard seeing people who are in love and full of happiness. Together with my partner, I´m traveling all around the world to capture the most beautiful day of these pretty crazy lovers – listen to them and telling their story full of raw and wild feelings, the authentic and memorable little things and the big moments of these adventurous souls. And we are always so grateful to become friends with most of these human beings from all over the globe – whether if they are our bridal couples or other super creative talented photographers or vendors. That makes our hearts still freaking out 365 days a year.

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Maciej Suwalowski

Magic was born out of light in mid 80′. He travelled across the galaxy to finally settle on the planet called Earth. He has found love and married his Alien Wife and produced 3 babies. Now he travels across the planet to capture love of other human beings.

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