Wedding Photographer Germany

Wedding Photographer Germany

Wedding Photographer Germany

Choosing the best Wedding Photographer Germany is definitely a tough decision as a couple. There are so many amazing artists all around the area and it’s not easy to find the right choice in the abundance of photographers out there.

We are updating this page constantly. We simply want to make sure that we are able to offer you the absolute best photographers in our mind. Feel free to scroll down, check out our selected artists and click on their profiles. See more images, visit their websites and make sure to contact them for your wedding in Germany. If you are constantly looking for amazing photographers or videographers you might also be interested in our global artist search.

Just have a look at our map of the world and pick your location. See who is available to shoot in your area. Super easy and super helpful if you don’t want to spend countless hours browsing the web to find what you are looking for. Feel free to also check out our LOOKSLIKEFILM Weddings Instagram account as a constant source of inspiration.

If you did not find what you are looking for, head over to our list for Wedding and Elopement Photographers Europe to view the best artists that we could find in the country. Sometimes it makes sense to book someone from somewhere else if you simply fell in love with their images.


Being one of the largest photography communities out there gives us the ability to show you our short list of the Best Wedding Photographers in Germany. Besides that our community consists of over 50K artists from all around the world. We handpicked the best artists to make your search easier so you can spend time on things that really matter.

It’s time to finally scroll down and pick you an artist.


Raissa + Simon Fotografie

Freiburg, BW, Germany
Kekskrümel auf dem Holztisch, Sigur Ros hören und die Farben Islands an der Zimmerdecke sehen, die alten Konzerttickets im Moleskin, das orangene Licht in Südafrika,...
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Lieven Hüntemann

Bochum, NRW, Germany
Hallo, mein Name ist Lieven. Ich lebe in Bochum. Ich liebe meine Frau Corinna und meine Töchter Livia und Philippa. Wir erkunden gerne Städte in...
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Matthieu Lenz

Mainz, RP, Germany
Hey, iam Matthieu, Father and husband. I'm documentary wedding photographer. I love to meet new people. Also enjoing the smal things in my live.
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Christoph Reichmann

Weil am Rhein, BW, Germany
- 28 years old - Wedding- and Couple-Photographer based in South-West Germany (Weil am Rhein) - loves to capture images of loving and happy People...
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Julia Hofmann

Bad Herrenalb, BW, Germany
HELLO! NICE TO MEET YOU. I AM JULIA, YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER. I am always up for an adventure. I live in the Black Forest in...
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Kevin Klein

Bielefeld, NRW, Germany
I want to tell stories. Raw and real. Romantic and simple. The most intimate moments captured in the way they are without them beeing staged...
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Christopher Kreymborg

Stuttgart, BW, Germany
My Name is Chris and I'm based in Stuttgart Germany and Hamilton, New Zealand. I'm a photographer since 2010 and shoot weddings, travel, and lifestyle.
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Björn Schreiber

Bottrop, NRW, Germany
As a wedding photographer from Bottrop i am traveling in the Ruhr area, NRW, Germany and Europe and i would be honored to photograph your...
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Chris Zielecki

Hamburg, HH, Germany
I'm a wedding photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. But much more than that, I consider myself a traveler, an earth child, a cat cuddler, a...
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Daniel Koehler

Bamberg, BY, Germany
Regardless of location or traditions i cover your destination wedding, after wedding session or elopement. Can't wait to get to know you and would love...
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Cengiz Karahan

Frankfurt, HE, Germany
Hi there! I am Cengiz, a Frankfurt-based videographer/photographer and avaliable for travel worldwide. I’ve always defined myself as a sincere person and always believed that...
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Sebastian Weindel

Frankfurt, HE, Germany
Photography isn't about technique. It's about connection and emotion. There's always a mood embedded in photos. That's what its worth looking for. That's what I...
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Olli Holzmann

Essen, NRW, Germany
Hey! I´m a proud father of two wonderful girls and am married to my soulmate. Happiness and love are around me everyday - and I...
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Manuel Gutjahr

Berlin, Germany
A wedding is exciting, fast, emotional, crazy, wonderful, surprising and full of precious moments. Many of the little details get lost in the flurry of...
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Karlis Kalnins

Bremen, HB, Germany
Father of two girls, documentary wedding photographer and sometimes Batman.
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Aneta Lehotska

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, BY, Germany
Hello there! I am Aneta Lehotska, a passionate wedding photographer and videographer specializing in mountain weddings and elopement in beautiful Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy....
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Josée Lamarre

Munich, BY, Germany
HEY I'm Josée deep romantic and adventures lover! I grew up in a small, deserted place in the Canadian forest on the banks of the...
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Luis Barreiro

Ludwigsburg, BW, Germany
I don't like to write about myself. My pictures describe who I am, they talk about my existence. I grew up on the Atlantic coast...
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Daniela Marquardt

Dinslaken, NRW, Germany
Hi guys! I´m Danny. My heart beats totally hard seeing people who are in love and full of happiness. Together with my partner, I´m traveling...
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Laura Rüsing

Cologne, NRW, Germany
Hi, we are Laura and Luis. We met two years ago in the master school in Dortmund and were immediately sympathetic. When we found each...
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Meltem Salb

Zürich, ZH, Switzerland
Hi there! I’m Meltem. A traveling wedding & portrait photographer currently based in Basel who lives for adventure & foreign worlds. Photography has been my...
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Paul Glaser

Görlitz, SN, Germany
Hi! I'm Paul. I live in the most eastern town of Germany in the beautiful city of Görlitz. I documenting weddings for 10 years now...
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Joran Looij

Living in a little town at the great coast of Zeeland – Married to my love Anna Maria – Crazy with our dog Jack –...
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