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Capture Your Stunning California Wedding Forever: Get Professional Photos Taken By an Experienced Wedding Photographer.

Congratulations! You are getting married in California and are now looking for an amazing photographer? No worries, we are constantly in contact with the best photographers that use high-quality equipment to get the best shots on your wedding day. Choose a professional photographer from our shortlist and let your once-in-a-lifetime wedding memories last forever.

Where Can I Get Married In California?

California is known to be a dream wedding destination with breathtaking beaches lining the Pacific Ocean, the warm sands pressing against the skin, and the golden sun shining beautifully all day long. No matter, which style or budget you have, these cities offer you breathtaking wedding backdrops, that you and your guests will never forget:

Los Angeles

This city offers an incredible number of warehouse venues, rad industrial spots, urban greenhouses, former cathedrals, old Victorian houses, and beachfront spots. Choose your style and budget and Los Angeles will offer you the wedding venue.

San Diego

Sunny San Diego offers all kinds of wedding venues, ranging from vineyards, beautiful barns, boutique hotels, luxe lofts, to an off-the-grid pistachio farm. This city is rich in architecture, nature and fits so many wedding styles.

San José

San José is known for its park weddings and outdoor wedding venues in general. You can enjoy the tranquility of the Japanese Friendship Gardens, the beauty of the Municipal Rose Garden, the unique atmosphere of the amphitheater or have a ceremony at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo.

If you are looking for amazing elopement packages outdoors, then check out our post about the most amazing elopement packages in California. Planning on having an intimate elopement? Here is a shortlist of amazing elopement photographers in California.

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Find Your Wedding Photographer

We agree, choosing the best Wedding Photographer California is definitely a tough decision. There are so many amazing artists all around the area! We are in constant contact with the best artists and provide you with a shortlist of amazing profiles. It´s best to review the photographer’s portfolio to see some of their previous work.

Besides that, our map helps you to find photographers for other photography fields that would also interest you. Super easy and super helpful if you don’t want to spend countless hours browsing the web to find what you are looking for.

Why Should You Hire A Wedding Photographer California?
Let us tell you why

California-based photographers are already familiar with popular wedding venues and have no problem taking photos outdoors as well as indoors. You will appreciate having a professional photographer who is comfortable taking pictures from different angles and at different locations because that provides you with stunning memories that last forever. If you would like to capture the most stunning and emotional moments of your wedding, you should reach out to one of our skilled and experienced photographers that LOOKSLIKEFILM has to offer.

If you are looking for a portrait photographer in California, check out our shortlist.


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  • Therefore we handpicked the best photographers to make your life easier.
  • It is time to finally scroll down and select one of our photographers. Contact them right away and book your session.

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