A wedding couple is in a rowboat in front massive ice blocks at the Church State Park in Alaska., photographed by a wedding photographer Alaska.

Wedding Photographer Alaska

Wedding Photographer Alaska - We Found The Best For You!

Find inspiring wedding locations in Alaska and scroll all the way down to find a selection of amazing photographers for this area.



Cover photo by Grace Adams


Capture Your Breathtaking Alaska Wedding Forever: Get Professional Photos Taken By an Experienced Wedding Photographer.

Congratulations on your engagement! You can´t wait for happily ever after and are currently looking for a wedding photographer Alaska who blows your mind? No worries, we got you covered. We are in constant contact with amazing photographers in all Alaska that use high-quality equipment to get amazing shots on your big day. Your professional wedding pictures will blow your mind and capture your memories forever.

Where can I get married in Alaska?

Alaska offers many magical outdoor and indoor locations for an amazing wedding. From the towering glaciers of Kenai Fjords, to the stunning nature of Denali National Park, your Alaska wedding is waiting for you!

Alaska Botanical Garden

The Alaska Botanical Garden offers many beautiful sites for weddings. All of which are surrounded by breathtaking biodiversity.

Alpenglow at Arctic Valley

The Alpenglow at Arctic Valley features a lodge with two stories and large windows, an incredible mountain view, a lawn area for outdoor weddings and a chairlift that you can rent. Make your wedding unforgettable with this special mountain location.

Inn at Tern Lake

 The Inn at Tern Lake is surrounded by snowcapped mountains and is located next to the Chugach National Forest. This location offers breathtaking ceremonies and intimate receptions.

Ocra Island Cabins

If you are into scenic views, yurt accommodations on a private island, and love to watch Alaska wildlife and marine life, the Ocra Island Cabins are your perfect wedding location.


Photo by Nikkolas Nguyen

How to find your wedding photographer

Choosing the best Wedding Photographer Alaska is a tough decision as a couple. There are so many inspiring artists all around Alaska!

We are updating this page regularly. Our shortlists offer you the absolute best photographers in our mind. Feel free to scroll down, check out our selected artists to make sure they fit your style.


Just have a look at our map of the world and pick your location. See who is available to shoot in your area. Super easy and super helpful if you don’t want to spend countless hours browsing the web to find what you are looking for. Feel free to also check out our Instagram account as a constant source of inspiration:

Why Should You Hire A Wedding Photographer Alaska?
Let us tell you why

A local photographer is already familiar with the natural beauty, the wedding venues, and the different photo shooting spots Alaska offers. Your magical moments in Alaska can best be captured by a professional photographer who will make you comfortable no matter which moment or location. If you would like to remember the most stunning and intimate moments of your wedding forever, you should reach out to one of our skilled and experienced photographers that LOOKSLIKEFILM has to offer.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Juneau, check out our shortlist of artists.


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