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What kind of work are you looking for?

We are looking for anything related to photography. It can be a wedding, a portrait session, landscape photography… Please check our submission form for all categories that we are looking for!

How many images should we submit?

It’s quality over quantity for us and we are looking for 30 – 50 images per submission.

Do you need any text with that?

Yes! The more you write the better for us and the blog post. Talk about your experience during the session / wedding. Maybe also include some tips that you want to share on how you achieved certain things.
You can also let us know what gear you used. Anything that comes to your mind and would make sense in a blog post about your images.

What filetype and what size should the images be?

Please send over your .jpg files in 72 dpi with a width of 1200 px. Please do not use watermarks or diptchys for your submissions.

How long does it take to be featured?

That really depends on how many submission we get. It can def be some weeks sometimes so don’t worry if you do not hear back from us immediately.

How should we submit the images?

Please use platforms like Dropbox to send over the Link to your submission at the end of our submission form.
We do not accept submission on WeTransfer or Google Drive

What happens after we submit something?

It can take a while but we will let you know whether you will be featured or no. Please be aware that we can not feature every submission we get, so please only submit your best work. We might also reach out to you in case we would want to know some more info about your submission.

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