The Melanated Film Presets


This set was created out of a need to PROPERLY edit the skin tones of more melanated skin tones. I have found that other presets often fall short and lack consideration for the diversity of our clients. You may have noticed that they often "white-wash" darker tones and make your clients look lighter than they are in real life. This set was created to show that it's possible to edit darker skin tones, and even interracial families, beautifully and consistently.

Whats included ?

42 Lightroom & Camera Raw Presets 

The Melanated Film presets from Chinelle Rojas contain a total of 42 presets with 3 “Primer”, 33 color, 3 black & white, and 3 adjustment presets. It also includes 5 additional adjustment brushes.

Adobe Lightroom & Camera Raw required to run our presets.
Before & After