How to do a fun & relaxed city shoot

  • 00:43 MIN

Run through the streets of London on this live shoot with a real couple with one Britain’s friendliest faces: Igor Demba.


Learn tips & tricks to rock your city couple shoot while looking for texture, lines and good light, fight with the elements, and always keep it relaxed and playful for your clients to have a wonderful experience while you create beautiful images on the way.



Different considerations on the lens of choice
Framing your couple
Working in the city landscape
Working in tight spaces.
Interacting with your couple

Meet the author


Igor Demba has been in business for over 10 years and truly believes he has the best job in the world. Recently he was named top wedding photographer in the world by Harper’s Bazaar which really excited his mum. He’s currently based in Peterborough, England, he’s married to the wonderful Zion and they have two beautiful daughters that keep their hands and heart full.

1 How to look for lines, light, texture & to improvise with the weather

Learn tips & tricks to rock your city couple shoot while looking for texture, lines, good light, and fight with the elements.
Don’t be afraid of the weather and learn how to make the best of the situation.

2 Guide your couple in a relaxed, natural & intimate way

Keep it always relaxed and playful for your clients to have a wonderful experience while you create beautiful images on the way.
Learn about shooting angles & gestures that will help you create intimate moments between your couple no matter where you are.

3 Pursuing ideas & interacting with your gear

Learn all the process of working with your gear in the city landscape with couples.

Also, find the right balance between shots/spots that work and creative ideas you want to try out without losing the flow in work with your couple.

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"Igor is an excellent teacher!"
From tips on setting client expectations before a shoot to compositional techniques and how best to interact with a couple, Igor is an excellent teacher! I’d highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their client experience, building rapport, and leveling up their photography as a whole. The British accent is of course a plus.
Luke Payne
“Seeing the process was great”
The second Igor is on, you feel like you're watching an old friend, Igor shares his way of working in real time during a couples session in the city. The fact that the Great British weather was in full force only adds to the educational element and proves that you don't need to be a destination photographer to create and deliver epic content to your clients. I loved the personal feel to his communication and the utilisation of spots in various ways. It really reinforced my thoughts of "people over location" showing me I can create many unique images with just one area. I feel motivated to get out and create even more so than before and that's solely down to watching Igor work and seeing the real results from the shoot during the session, having access to the situation in depth like this is so much more insightful than a 10 second social media video of 'before and afters' - seeing the process was great and Igor talks you through all his thought process like the true pro he is
Tash Jones
"This course is a gem!"
Hmm, this course is a gem! Witnessing how Igor structures a photoshoot, how he faces various challenges, and how he interacts & naturally guides the couple is genuinely inspiring. I cannot wait for my next photoshoot in the city to try out some of the tips & tricks that Igor shared in his video.
Matthias Jaworski