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Meridian editing tools are the distillation of countless hours of trial and error, experimentation and discovery, of seeing each image anew.

So, to that end, we’ve developed Meridian Presets to help you do just that. And at the heart of everything we do is our love and gratitude for our community of creatives at LOOKSLIKEFILM, without whom our individual and collective accomplishments would be lightyears behind. So, if you’re already a member – thank you! And if you’d like to see first hand what all the fuss is about – then, please. Run! Come see!

Our Sets

Benj Haisch - Cascade 02
Traveling the world photographing weddings, Benj Haisch has come to realize that not all light or color is the same across the board. In July of 2018, he photographed weddings in the desert, tropical, urban, & mountainous environments in a huge range of light intensity. As Benj tweaked the presets to best adapt to those environments, things began to stick and Cascade 02 began to form.
Meg Loeks - Solstice
This preset pack is centered around four distinctive seasons. They enhance the fresh colors of spring and richness of fall. These presets carry warm skin tones alongside cool and colorful greens. High in contrast, the pack will strengthen depth and dimension. They produce rich colors with a slight matte finish that exude a feeling of timelessness and nostalgia. This preset pack is ideal for low light and backlit images but are versatile.
Lukas Piatek - LPX
The LPX presets are perfect if you travel a lot. Light is different anywhere you go and Lukas created this set to work with any light setting. Each set comes with predefined looks that can be modified in hundreds of ways. This set is for lovers of warm and cool tones. The LPX set will be constantly updated with new presets once you purchase it.
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