Wonderful Weddings


Professional wedding photographer / videographer, DJ and wedding-day-side-kick! But most people just call me Niko. I was born in Croatia in the mid 80's, grew up in Sweden and have lived in Denmark since 1997.

I have been working with weddings, since I was 20 and I love it!
As a kid, I used to draw a lot. Also in school. In fact, so much, that I sometimes forget to listen, unless it was something really exciting! So when my childhood interest of drawing was replaced with a camera more than 15 years ago, it was on my own terms. Which also means I'm self-taught. And today, it is my full-time job.

I have, for as long as I can remember, been a huge movie-nerd and the cinematic universe inspires me enormously in my work, in terms of lights and colours. And yeah, I'm that kind of person, who can talk about movies for hours. And I can definitely tell you many funny stories about all sorts of movies too, if you ask.

Combined with my natural ability to be good with people, I have found the right place for myself, in every way. I take great pride in being a part of your big day and I really want to retur the favour, doing what I am best: helping you to create memories, with pictures and video. I highly value good service and giving you a sense of trust, calm and professionalism. The best way I can do this, is by creating a real relationship to you. So let's start with a cup of coffee!

I look forward to meeting you!
Nikola Majkic