Vanessa Tivadar Photography



The first person to take up photography in our family was my grandfather. People still remember seeing him carry his photography equipment all over Pomurje. He used up numerous rolls of films for his work and captured thousands of timeless memories and looks. Whether a child’s innocence or a landscape changing through time like its people, various scenes would catch his photographic eye.


The tradition stayed in our family thanks to my mother. As a child she would watch her father at work; at that time he was still employed by the Fotolik Celje company in Ljutomer. The love for photography brought her to Ljubljana, where she took photography classes. She decided to open her own studio as she craved independency and wanted no one to stifle her creativity. Photography is much like life, she says. What matter most are experience, knowledge and wisdom.


At weekends I would join my mother on photo shoots. Seeing customers enthuse over the final products, which also featured some of my photographs, I knew I made the right career decision. My wish to meet new people, enjoy their company and capture their stories with my camera became even stronger. After finishing high school I attended Higher Vocational School of Material Design and Photography in Sežana. As a rather quiet and shy person I like to communicate with people through my camera, bringing their stories back to life.


I like to meet each of my customers in person first. A talk over a cup of coffee allowes me to understand their wants and what they like about my work. The idea is to really get to know them in order to have a clear vision for the upcoming photo shoot and make them comfortable during the whole process. When shooting, my customers’ content is of the highest importance to me.


People are often camera shy, thinking they are not photogenic they start fearing photographers. This is a common misconception. A good photographer will know how to bring out the best in you and capture that in a photo. Every person is beautiful and deserves to have a nice memory of themself. A framed self-portait adorning a wall in their home. I want people to be who they really are and be proud of themselves. Share your special moments with me; for your own joy.

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