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The Hendrys



Scottish duo living our best lives in Los Angeles! More importantly, parents of two babe-licious rescue bunnies who keep us sane. We only take life seriously when it really matters (adulting can suck at times!). We have a deep-rooted connection with each other and that’s why we work so well together. It’s quite cute really.

You could say our style is very non-traditional and pretty offbeat. our approach to shooting is simple; we’ll keep it mostly documentary (you can’t beat a good caught-off-guard expression), capture the action as it unfolds throughout the day, avoid cheesy clichés and let everyone have good old knees up without any interference from us.

We're constantly pushing ourselves creatively and are incredibly passionate about telling unique stories for each couple, so we aim to go into each wedding and elopement with a clear mind and eyes wide open.

If we could describe our work in four words they would be the following: natural. emotive. creative. honest.
We're also suckers for some awesome light.