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The Dogwood Collective


Hey there! We are Elopement and Intimate Wedding Photographers, based in Arkansas. We want to tell your honest story, no matter who you are, who you love, or what it may look like. Your story is unique and it deserves to be told fully.

Let me state the obvious and say that beautiful people look really good in beautiful places. However, it takes more than a beautiful place to tell your story fully. It takes someone who is willing to do more and to notice more in the moment for you to be able to relive the moment over and over again later.


We want to spend time with you, hear your story and truly listen to who you are as individuals and as a couple. We want to connect with you, so that you feel comfortable being vulnerable around us. We want to celebrate with you and document the magic in a way that your great great grand kids will look at your images and feel like your love story is coming to life right before their eyes!

If you trust us, we believe we can create something for you that no one else can.

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