Sunlight & Air


Jennifer Lake is a family and wedding photographer who calls Albuquerque home.

An East Coast transplant, born and raised in Central Pennsylvania, she relocated to the high deserts of New Mexico by way of snowy Montana. With a passion for travel, though, she worked with clients in places like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Colorado, Arizona, and Texas.

While she's been photographing others for more then eight years, when she moved to New Mexico in 2013, I developed a new appreciation for the art - after all, this unique desert landscape is a photographer's dream.

Shortly after arriving to New Mexico, though, she learned that she would need brain surgery. In 2014, she underwent a ten hour neurosurgery for a condition called Chiari Malformation - she had part of her brain removed and her head fused to the upper levels of her spine.

During her initial illness, doctors worried that I would be unable to remember day-to-day life. So, as a lifelong storyteller, she began photographing (and scrapbooking) the everyday moments. Her passion for photography grew as I realized just how special each moment could be.

As a connoisseur of jumpsuits, you'll usually find her in some kind of black one-piece outfit with a camera bag in one hand and an iced tea from Chick-fil-a in the other. And if it's outside of your session? You'll probably see her service dog, Bumper, with her too.

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