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Empowering you to have an experience driven wedding
that’s built on intention & connection. Contact to talk through your wedding: steph@zakasphotography.com

It is possible to feel relaxed, feel free, & be yourselves on your wedding day. Your wedding matters. Feel empowered to dream big for your wedding day & reach it. Imagine being able to say your vows in a way that makes you shine your brightest. It’s everything. Envision having a wedding that truly reflects your incredible relationship surrounded by people who empower you to be your best self. HECK YES.

I genuinely care about your experience & feelings and want to pay my experience forward. You’re fricken’ building the foundation of your lives coming together- that’s so import. As an elopement guide, I believe in bringing your dreams to life. Creating a space for intention, love, & a unique celebration experience for your wedding. Empowering you to the wedding that feels right & telling your beautiful story. And, making some wizardly photo magic for you.