Sheena Shahangian Photography LLC


Oh, hey there! I’m Sheena, an adventure elopement and intimate wedding photographer based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. Camping, winding mountain roads, national park hopping, and the sound of dirt beneath my hiking boots are my love language. I'm also a self-proclaimed foodie and red wine and kombucha lover, so if that sounds like you, I have a feeling we'll get along perfectly!

I don’t just throw around the term “Colorado adventure wedding photographer.” I make it a point of living that life. When I’m not shooting adventure elopements and intimate, small weddings, you can find me hiking the Rocky Mountains and the high desert with my husband (and second photographer!), Ed, and our pup, Zari. I'm a curiosity-chasing, mountain-hiking dork who's pretty much always itching to plan my next road trip. Favorite one so far? Our 22 hour trek from Colorado to Jasper up in Canada (with stops in Banff, Glacier, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton National Parks). Ask me about it, and I’ll pretty much talk your head off.

There's nothing that gets me more excited than photographing couples who've chosen to do their own thing on their wedding day (wedding rules are meant to be broken, am I right?!), whether it’s planning your Colorado adventure elopement on the edge of a cliff in a national park or holding a small backyard wedding ceremony somewhere in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains with delivery pizza at the reception. The pressure of this wedding industry can be nuts at times, with all of these “standards” for how things are supposed to be done. And I know from personal experience, as someone who opted for a Colorado national park adventure elopement (shoutout to Great Sand Dunes National Park!) despite everyone else’s opinions, how tough it can be to go against the grain. But I can also tell you from that same personal experience that when I let go and decided to do my wedding my way, it was the best decision I could have made. And that’s exactly why I have such a passion for helping my couples build out their dream adventure elopements and small weddings on their terms, however that translates for them.

I love working with couples who believe that their wedding or elopement day is first and foremost a reflection of their love, and that it shouldn't have to be dictated by the traditions and expectations of the wedding industry. After all, the real magic happens when you feel in your element. By the end of your adventure elopement or wedding day, there’s a good chance we’ll basically be best friends. If you haven’t already noticed, I pride myself in being the best third wheel you could have at your elopement or small, intimate wedding. So if you want photographers who will crack terrible dad jokes (that’s Ed’s specialty) and start up some dorky dance moves (mine are just about one of the worst, but they’re sure to give you a good laugh), then I don’t know what you’re still waiting for. Let’s get in touch!