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As an experienced Wedding photographer, I bring with me the sensitivity for emotions & details as well as an eye for the whole all around for one of the most important days in a couple’s life. I capture and tell the couples story.

My vision is to give my clients a gallery of their day full of real emotions & real moments. A real story of their day to give them their tears & goose bumps back every time they look at their memories.

This is exactly my idea where wedding photography has managed to develop more and more. I don’t want to tell my wedding couples how to look in the lens & how to pose for me when they are seeing each other the first time or kissing each other in front of their beloved ones. My job is to be in the background for them but be present in every single moment of their very special day. They are forming their memories, I’m capturing them with emotional & technical creativity.

As a wedding photographer, you have only one chance for the happenings. This is what I know, what I learned and what I’m living on wedding days. This is only possible if you have the empathy in yourself and if you have the experience to know how a wedding works and if you know your clients. I see myself in this role.
I’m sure sharing my wedding experiences with other wedding photographers & beginners will show my way of storytelling and can help to make a lot of future bridal couples very happy.