Every love is unique, so is yours - I am here to photograph it. I'm Nat, a rebel heart creating emotional, intimate love stories. I have photographed hundreds of weddings around the globe over 14 years, but each and every time I'm excited as if it was the first time.

To photograph love is the most wonderful experience. I have dedicated my life to it, traveled the world for it, cried during the ceremonies and first dances, felt overwhelmed countless times by the passion people can have for each other. I stepped into people’s lives capturing both the intimate moments and big milestones: engagement, wedding, becoming a family… I’ve never had enough of it.
I’m a restless, curious person with thousands of ideas per second. What to eat, which country to visit next or how to take that picture of a couple kissing. I put all that passion in my work with one rule – letting you feel free in front of my camera.

Feel like turning your dreams into a story? Let's do it together!