Meredith Austin Photography


I'm Meredith! I am an insatiable traveler chick who enjoys capturing alllll the love. Raw, uniquely candid moments are my favorite.

My family lives in the most lovely of places, Breckenridge, Colorado. As stunning as my backyard is, I can't cure my love of adventure - waking up in an unexplored place makes my heart race in the best way.

For couples that are looking for a photographer - I want to let you know that no love is the same. I would encourage you to look past the shoots that you see here and know that our work together will be as unique and individual as your love for each other. Bring me all the wild and outrageous ideas - let's have some fun!

Outside of photography, I'm an elusive East Coaster (by way of Maine) that still loves the sea. Other vices include: corgi butts, Sonoma wines, and "challenged walking" to turquoise alpine lakes . . .