Matija + Marina Weddings


Hi, We're Matija + Marina! What sets us apart is the time we'll devote to getting to know you, so we can tell the story of who you really are. We find that each couple is truly unique and the only way to do your photos justice is to tailor our approach to you.

How? Well, let's find that out together! We'll start by learning more about you, so we can figure out what will work best. This way you'll get authentic, honest photos and movie of your big day without us ever getting in your way. Of course, all of this is a two way process and you'll get to know us as well!

We'll experience your wedding by your side and witness it unfold as true insiders. We won't pretend to be invisible but we won't boss you around either. Most often we'll just snap a quick shot, record a clip, smile and get out of your way.

Our photos and videos are cinematic, colorful, sometimes unexpected but always honest. We save no effort in the field and our couples recognize this time after time!