Mann Frau


Husband and wife destination photo/video team based in Milwaukee, WI and available worldwide.


When you get engaged, your life doesn’t change, necessarily. Bills get paid. Groceries get bought. And there is sometimes still pee on the seat. It’s not suddenly better or more beautiful. The same radiance you see at any given moment can still give way to a dullness that cannot be anticipated. What does happen, though, is that you uncover a new set of circumstances. A unique, and overwhelming one. My world isn’t my world. It has grown. It has evolved. Its doubled or squared or multiplied in a way that gives emotion, from good to bad, an equal multiplier. Good is amazing. If you let it be. The smile that is unwavering with pride and solidarity is present more frequently than ever before. And you know it.

What’s also interesting, is the bad stuff. The losses and the stumbles seem to lose their edge faster. Balance is found. Getting engaged is like a filter. A dreamcatcher, maybe. You have to believe in it. You have to believe in the energy and the sum. If you can get to a point where you are open and exposed, your partner will profoundly impact the area that surrounds your life and your love. It will be more full and beautiful and the luster won’t dissipate. It will grow and it will change and it will alter. But if you don’t stop, neither will it.

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