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My name is Maria and I am destination/elopement wedding photographer.I like to travel, capture real moments and life. I can travel anywhere.

Photography for me is my soul. It helps me to show what I cannot say out loud myself, to show what cannot be said in words, helps me to show the incompleteness and essence of things, helps me not to get stuck spiritually. Photography for me is a way of thinking and views on life, the eternal search for something new and unique. The photo was always with me in different periods of time, but it is defined part of me, so I do not even perceive it as a profession) She is my companion, the work of my thoughts and movement in life, my love for memory, in all its manifestations.It is difficult to tell about photography separately as a phenomenon, for me photography is first of all about people (about who is physically in the frame, who is actually in the frame, his soul and surroundings, and about who is behind the frame).