I don't like to write about myself. My pictures describe who I am, they talk about my existence. I grew up on the Atlantic coast of Spain (Galicia), that shaped me a lot. I live with my wife and my two boys near Stuttgart.
Photography is an important part of my life and shows me every day what a strong form of expression it is. I have studied art and photography at various art schools in Spain and participated in workshops with international photo artists (Stephen Shore, Óscar Molina, Luca Pagliari, David Jiménez, etc.). All this takes place in the background of my work and directly influences my work as a professional and artistic photographer.
Music, films, poetry... have always been there and are among my most important inspirations. The "melancholy" shows me how I feel, yet I am a very empathic person! My work shows the connection between feeling and authenticity. I believe very strongly in love and above all in being loved.