Mister Pretty's Pictures


Are you bold, adventurous and/or fun? Yes? Let’s hang out!

You want dramatic views? Let’s hike!

You want a gorgeous ocean sunset? Let’s get sandy and wet!

You want to celebrate post-shoot with some wine? I’ll bring the bottle opener!

As someone who’s far more comfortable behind the lens than in front of it, I know how much it helps to collaborate with a photographer who makes the experience feel relaxed and free of pressure. My goal is that every session feels more like hanging out with a friend versus posing awkwardly for a stranger.

Originally from MA, I now live in Los Angeles with my husband, dog, two cats and a fish – however, I’m constantly on the move, traveling as much as I possibly can.

Other things about me: I love cats, swimming and build-your-own ice cream sundaes. I dislike cucumbers, people who cut in line and sitcom laugh tracks.