Leanne Rose Photography


Hi I’m Leanne! I first started my business at 19 years old, and for seven years I’ve been following around newlyweds and families into woods, mountains, and the water to capture connection. I was born and raised in a small, very laid-back hippie town in Upstate New York (Finger Lakes Area), and like a migratory bird, I come back every summer.
I have found that I come across inspiration quite easily, as life is a continuous display of emotions and small moments, some that only last a fleeting second. Everything about the world captivates me - new places, cultures, people. Because of this, I’ve started roaming the Earth, while learning as much as I could from every place. As a result I’ve taken photos of families and couples from 18 countries and even lived abroad for a few years. My wanderlust is unquenchable, and my goal is to see as many new places as humanly possible; of course, while dragging my extremely practical spouse/ second shooter and beloved furry friend along with me.
My husband Zach and I, along with our loveable canine companion currently live on the outskirts of sunny Seattle, Washington. Out of all of the places I’ve ever been the Pacific Northwest has been the most inspiring to me. The roaring ocean, the majestic mountains, and the lush forests all steps from each other, what else could be more perfect? We’re the type of couple to Netflix and hike (This Is Us in particular). Zach and I are last minute people have been known to just jump into a car ( or plane, or train) with a moments notice and just wander. Other than that we are just a completely normal couple that is known by all the Target and Ikea clerks in town; we’re kind of regulars there.
I am available for travel throughout the West Coast and worldwide.

Lets get Lost.