Katey Mac Photography


Calling all the BAD ASS couples!
I’m Katey Mac! A wild flower who loves to capture beautiful and unique moments. If my mom was writing this she would say something like “strong willed with a potty mouth” and honestly, I cant REALLY disagree. Born and raised in the backwoods of British Columbia - I am a wife to a super cool dude who spends his days working hard & listening to my bad jokes. Lucky guy hey. I’m also a mama to not one but two little boys with big hearts and wild souls, just like me! I’m really not a regular mom — I’m raising bad ass kids who speak their minds & passionately wear their hearts on their sleeves. I also say “fuck” a lot.
If your a "no bad days" kinda person, who loves anything warm and good vibes - well probably get along just great. I’m a firm believer in the cup is half full, never half empty. In my photos I want to capture people and their bare souls, people and themselves, just doing them. Forget about everything else, expose yourself and allow me to show you how beautiful you are in a new light. Let the wind tangle your hair, wrap your bodies up in each other, be in the moment and hold only your love. Be unique, be different, be you! If you don’t mind getting your dress a little ruffled, and your hair a little wild - you’re in the right place.