KLassey Productions


We’re adventurers, we’re best friends and as of 8-18-18 we're husband and wife!

We started this adventure with a few main goals in mind. To tell our couples stories in the most unique way possible and to travel all over! We’re both Sagittarius, so settling down takes balance. For us that balance comes through work, essential oils and lovin' on our cats!

We’ve settled here in Denver, Colorado but work takes us somewhere new each wedding. Last year we traveled for 100% of our weddings. It was SO fun but we're super happy to have a good amount here in Colorado this year!

Our style is heavily influenced by our couples. We find that our clients are drawn to us because our films are different. Not just different from the traditional but different from each other. Our goal is for viewers to watch our films and say “this FEELS like a KLassey Production” instead of “this looks like a KLassey Production”. No two weddings are the same so no two films should be!

We start brainstorming the moment we “meet” you. So let’s set up a time to chat on Skype or FaceTime, or in person! You’ll tell us your story and we’ll tell you our vision.

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