Cemorelis Photography


As a little girl, I thought my mother was a magician—a regular Houdini, in my eyes. Yet, she didn’t resort to tricks like pulling Peter Cottontail out of a hat. She didn’t make silken carnations appear out of thin air, and she certainly never tried to saw me in half (amen hand emojis). Can you imagine the years of therapy I would have needed to endure?
No, my mother’s skill was so much greater than a sleight of hand. She was able to capture time.  Sitting in the darkroom that my father built for her, with butterflies dancing in my stomach and my mouth agape, I’d watch as she skillfully transformed blank space into something beautiful—a recent memory into a tangible possession.
Of course, I later learned that her manipulations were not so much magic tricks but rather the delicate chemistry of alkaline and sodium sulfite, made to develop her fine photography.
Nevertheless, the impact of her work cannot be negated. My mother taught me the nuances and the true value of photography. She taught me how to hold on to a fleeting moment and how to bridge time with our craft.
My father was also a crafty soul, a physician by trade and a woodworking weekend warrior.  There was a constant undercurrent of art and science in our home; it was a delicate balance that has become a piece of who I am. Following in my father’s footsteps, I pursued medicine and now moonlight as a pediatric ICU nurse.  Every day, I witness how fast life can change. Photography is a way to preserve those moments in life that go by too fast and are out of grasp before we know it. 
You can look at a photograph or you can feel it. That is the difference between good photography and my photography. Rather than catch a static moment, I attempt to encapsulate life’s real moments in the throes of raw emotion. I want you to be able to experience each photograph—to feel the giddy excitement of the bride as she walks down the aisle, the unbridled joy of a child as a wave tickles his toes, the overwhelming abundance of love and paralyzing nerves of a new mother, as she coddles her infant for the first time. This connection is my aim with each snap of the shutter.
So, let’s connect, go on an adventure, and I’ll be sure to bring my camera along.  Let’s make and catch some memories. We all want a little magic in our life; let’s create it together.

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