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Living in a little town at the great coast of Zeeland – Married to my love Anna Maria – Crazy with our dog Jack – Nature lover

Just a few things that are very important in my life. Yes, I can enjoy my first cup of coffee of the day very intense. And I enjoy it to wandering around in nature with my wife and our dog Jack. Discover new spots en make little or bigger roadtrips. You probably will find me in the beautiful nature of Zeeland (the coastal region of the Netherlands where I live) or on a roadtrip in a foreign country in my freetime. The feeling of freedom that nature gives me, gives me so much energy. The grinding sound of the sand under my bare feet and the cold gras between my toes. I also intense enjoy beautiful natural light and love to use that in my photography.
I love to meet people and to get to know them. To discover what toches them and what their passions are. In my portraits, loveshoots and wedding photography I always try to catch people as pure and natural as possible. Unstrained and spontaneous. That’s the part of my job as a photographer I like the most.

Besides my digital photography, I often use film for analog photography. I just love the colors, the grain and maybe it’s a bit nostalgia too.

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