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Hallie Kohler // Photographer


- adventure, wedding & elopement photographer.

- on the lookout for interesting light, driving long distances, and doodling on airplane napkins.

- professional third-wheel.

Recording the world around me in one medium or another has always been a part of my life -- from ball point pen doodles on airplane napkins to the bright fill flash of a disposable camera pulled from the bottom of my backpack at a party. But it wasn't until I set foot in a darkroom that I became truly captivated with photography. That was where the magic happened. I would spend long afternoons roaming the cobblestone streets of Florence with my mother's old Olympus 35mm, and returning to the darkness to unveil these imprints of light. What a romantic tale! I know, I know. So let's be real -- it's sometimes hard to bring back that magic, late at night, sipping stale coffee over glowing blue screens and edits that blur my vision. It's no darkroom, but I'm just as enamored as ever.

As a wedding photographer, I am honored to be able to record and create for a living, telling stories of love, partnership, and human connection -- and finding delightful humans to spend my Saturday nights with on the dance floor getting down to "Jump Around!"