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Hailey Pierce Photography


Hey! I'm Hailes, the gal behind the camera! I am a 22 year old with a psychology degree who decided chasing dreams and passions were more important than the degree I have on paper telling me what I can and cannot do. So here I am, photographing the coolest couples in the coolest spots. I travel for almost all my couples, so I am always around the world! I love tacos, margaritas, my husky dog (I am OBSESSED with her), my handsome fiance, and tattoos ( I have 85 and counting hehe) and all things outdoors. I love love love hiking, and mountains, and clouds, and wildflowers, and swimming in lakes. I also love natural movement of the body, so yoga, breathing exercises, which helps with the fact I shoot in a natural non posed way! Lets be friends and bond over donuts, tacos and dogs!!