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Francesca Angelini Photography


Born in 1982, I am a person who is not very expansive, who does not like to talk or write about himself, and for this reason I would like the images to do it in my place.

At a certain point in my life Davide is born and with him begins my search a bit for fun, a bit for passion. So I began to approach the world of family portraits and experiment. Taking photographs is something deep that allows us to show ourselves by representing the world through a lens. With the birth of Federico, the desire to undertake myself this artistic path becomes strong enough to decide to create something of mine, and that really represents me.

I'll tell you what the perfect photo is for me ... I do not create perfect photos but I create memories of perfect moments. My photography must be emotional, stop for a moment, create contact and tell something about you that in 10, 20, 30 years makes you even smell the moment, make you remember how you felt. My vision of the family portrait is constantly evolving and looking for what I would like to convey that has its roots deep in wanting to tell how you are natural, without filters.

To be able to create emotions forever I want to get in touch with people, to know them in order to create a final story that is YOUR story, that is YOUR story. I do not want to be chosen only for the photographs that I show in the portfolio, but I want to be chosen because you know that I can be YOUR photographer, the one who can grasp the most important thing for you: YOUR EMOTIONS!