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Erin Aasland + The Lovers Wild


I am tall, laugh really loud + give the best hugs. If you are not into hugs, you probably will be by the end of our time together!

I grew up on 60’s music, survived the 80’s + my heart holds onto the Grunge era that was Seattle in the 90’s. But I am also shaped by my youth spent in Oakland. It helped me realize how important it is to stand up for yourself, as well as those you love, and not take shit from anyone.

The Office and Parks + Rec are on a binge-watching rotation in our house… “I love you + I like you”. Kitchen dance parties are a must. I have a slight obsession with trees, yep total tree hugger. The coast is my happy place, but I also crave the mountains + all those greens. Even though I am quite sarcastic, I can always find the silver lining.

Candid intimate moments, focusing on all that connection + laughter is how I roll. We will laugh, possibly happy-cry, more than likely get dirty, and definitely capture some beautiful images in between.

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