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Of Fate and Chaos


When I was a kid, I wanted to work at Taco Bell or be Bozo. Naturally, as a result, I went to architecture school. There, I met my husband and my world flipped a little bit. A lot of stuff happened in-between then and now but, it’s because of him and our two sons that my perspective on life has changed.

They add so much love and craziness to my life that has helped me grow as a person, a woman, and a mother. I am so many things I never thought I would be because of them and a photographer is definitely on that list.

Because of them, I believe in things I cannot prove, I listen to my heart and love deeper than I ever thought I could. They are my constant reminder of what is most important in the world. Because of them, I see the heart in things and can instantly distinguish all the things that really matter. It's through these eyes that I photograph for families - and for you - the heart of it all.