Danielle Aisling


I'm a traveling elopement and small wedding photographer ready to venture across Iceland, climb the Rocky Mountains, or hang out at your campsite with your entire family (and your dogs).

I don't want to show up a stranger with a camera. I know it sounds super cheesy, but I want to show up as your friend. I want to create magic for you, and that only comes from knowing you and knowing what makes your heart beat just a little bit faster.

I like my chai lattes with nut milk, my yoga pants lulu, and my nachos very heavily cheesed. I’m a photographer, yoga + fitness lover, mom, fiancee, frequent adventure seeker, aspiring globe trotter, and am always down for new experiences. I excitedly point out gorgeous sunsets or a glowing full moon no matter how disinterested the other person may be, and love The Office and Schitt’s Creek. I laugh WAY too loud, and have a goal to transform my pine, cottage-inspired home into the plant-infested boho haven of my dreams (I can't keep a succulent alive to save my life, but minor details, right?!).

My partner is my biggest supporter, has a wicked sense of humour (he makes himself laugh - seriously), and not only has a great big beard, but a great big heart (and is annoyingly good at everything). My daughter is sassy AF, adorable, sweet, smart, and makes me smile every single day. Our bulldog Marshall rounds out our little family, and he’s a wrinkly, wriggly ball of love, snorts, and fur, and I heart him so.

My goal is to get to know you, what you hold in your hearts, and be your friend. Do you feel moved to create something that's special, unique, and just so totally YOU? Then lets' plan something epic together. xo