Danielle Trina Photography


I am Danielle Trina

I have always been creative by nature. My journey toward becoming my authentic self, began 10 years ago when I fought a battle with cancer that invaded my pancreas. I won that battle, and in that moment I became a survivor! I don’t say I am a cancer survivor; simply that, I Am A Survivor! I feel I survived more than cancer, I became a survivor of life as I began to understand the true value of living in the moment; each and every precious moment because our time here is not guaranteed. I am truly grateful for the battle!

When I began my career as a photographer, I was fascinated by the raw emotion I was able to get clients to express as we worked our way through portrait sessions! I have also always been fascinated with spoken craft and poetry, I am a storyteller! I would look at my images and somehow see my own personal stories, emotion, and poetry inside my photographs!!

In early 2016 I decided to hone the technical aspects of my photography by enrolling in an Associates of Arts in Professional Photography program. I knew this was the platform I needed to begin creating powerful images. I watched, tried different approaches, and listened and learned different ways edit, and to create. This was the beginning of Danielle Trina Fine Art Photography! I learned the rules, creatively broke some of them and created a style of my own, and following of people who love the way I use my lens and creativity to share the way I see beauty in the world, in odd angles, crooked lines, blurred vision, in THE IMPERFECTIONS!

I want to share my passion for the simplicities of life with the world. I want break through the barriers of the masks we hide behind and show the raw emotion of a soul daring to show itself. I want to show others how to bring their souls to their fingertips just as I have. I want to inspire others to be “leaders, adventurous, brave, relentless, unstoppable, inspired, lighter, passionate, faster, bold, greater…” to choose to be MORE!

I am still learning! I have much to learn! I will always be learning! The process is amazing and soul inspiring! I have so much to say and I speak through my images to tell, not only my story, but the human story! Stories of love, life, laughter, sadness, connection and all of the stories in between!

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