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Damon Bowe Photography


I'm a Washington, DC based photographer based in the Navy Yard and Capitol Hill. My goal is to produce timeless photographs that are true to life colors. The photos I take are part of your family history, and I think of myself as a historian of sorts, with the pressure to give you lasting memories that you will enjoy forever.

I shoot everything from family photographs to engagement and weddings, headshots, personal and corporate branding, and events of all types. I love all types of photography and it is my belief that focusing on one genera is not as strong as drawing from expertise in many. For instance, there are often kids at weddings so capturing them requires a different eye.

My photoshoots are fun and easy going. I like to provide posing advice without being too much of a micromanager. I believe that it's your photographer's responsibility to ensure that you look as good as possible, and sometimes that requires more or less input from me. The balancing of posing and not posing is essential to producing photographs that will stand the test of time.

When I'm not doing photographs I'm out in nature exploring Loudoun County, or hiking in Shenandoah and West Virginia with my wife and twin daughters.

I think what sets me apart is my professional approach which stems from my educational background. I have a lot of education, including a JD/BCL and an expertise in patent and trademark law, a PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology with an expertise in breast cancer research, and I have over 10 publications on Pubmed and have studied in a Nobel Prize winning laboratory and at the top cancer hospitals in the country. A long time ago I was also a collegiate swimmer with two years as team captain, competed at the NCAA Championships, and setting records that lasted approximately 20 years, and was inducted into my collegiate Hall of Fame.

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