Jaime Lynn Photography


Photography is a HUGE part of my DAILY life, I constantly live it, breathe it, edit it, photo it....my camera is an extension of me not only physically but emotionally and of course creatively.

The shutter is my piano key, my guitar string, my bow...
My outlet of creativity, my personal song or poem.....
My true love...

My first digital camera was a klankity (is that a word?) old kodak from a garage sale...I had cameras before that Polaroid was my favorite!
To this day I collect and scour for old cameras to add to my artist's shelf!

I am a photographer specializing in photo-journalistic style photography! What that means to you is that you will be captured in casual style, in your natural being, and in an unobtrusive way. I bring you 4 years of experience and a willingness to go out of my way to make your event perfect in print!

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