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Anton & Natalie Photography


We’re Anton & Natalie - your new adventure buddies!
On our first date we spent the day doing what we love most, getting outside. That’s also how we spent our elopement day, and most other significant, life-altering moments in our relationship. We fundamentally believe that the best day of your life should be spent doing what makes your heart sing. You’re not here because you don’t care about your day, you’re here because you care more.

You don’t want the ordinary, traditional, or dare we say old fashioned wedding. You want to elope because you care more about experiences rather than material possessions. You want the authentic, intimate, and intentional day which focuses on YOU as a couple.

We’re not your typical wedding photographers, and do not pretend to be. Kick-ass adventures and challenging traditions give us life! We’re here for couples who want their bold experiences photographed in a way that 50 years from now they can look back on with a smile so big it makes their faces hurt. If this sounds like you, what are you waiting for? Let's get this adventure off the ground.