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Aideen Anna Photography


Hello, I'm Aideen. I'm a wedding Photographer in Ireland. I specialize in creating intentional and emotive art that feels effortless, so you can be yourselves on the day and feel like yourselves in your photos and say, 'Wow! That's Us!' when you see them.

I often work with film as well as digital. My hybrid photography style is about capturing the essence and magic of this fleeting time in your life. Film is the craft of slowing down, while digital can keep up with a fast pace. The spontaneous ebb and flow of a wedding lends itself so well to shooting both. I often look frazzled and haphazard with 4 to 5 cameras hanging off me but trust me, it's all very intentional. Every camera has a unique personality and way of helping me see the world and capture your story.

I love what I do. I'd still be taking photos if I weren't a Wedding Photographer. In an alternate reality, I'm probably a Photojournalist for National Geographic, and I get to hang out with penguins and giant sea turtles. That would be pretty awesome, but weddings are fun, too, and I can't wait to be part of yours!

Aideen McFadden