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Looks like film presets // Get your hands on our brand new and free Lightroom Presets for 2024. We are talking about Zion 01. This Lightroom preset has been created to give you the look you always wanted. Warm tones and an amazing film aesthetic, make this preset special! Don’t wait, and download it now!

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Where to download them?

We are going to release more free Lightroom presets very soon, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom. That way, we will notify you once a new preset is out there. Our looks like film presets are created in cooperation with our exclusive preset brand called Meridian.

You will be able to select our two free looks like film presets in the Meridian store, among some other awesome preset packs.


Get your hands on our free presets now!

About Meridian Presets

Meridian Presets is a collective of outstanding photographers from all over the world. We, as creatives, know the struggle to achieve the right look and keep being consistent in our photography work. That’s why Meridian Presets was founded in 2018 and is still one of the most influential presets brands.

What does Meridian sell?

Well, obviously presets – you are totally right. Additionally, to our amazing preset sets, we are also selling effects. They are basically brush presets that you can use within Lightroom. For those who don’t like to work in Photoshop to add some magic to their work, here is the good news: You simply don’t need Photoshop for it anymore. These effects will be a great addition to your free looks like film presets! Let us introduce you to some of our artists and their presets and effects.

India Earl – Solis

a couple snuggles outside and enjoys the sun

The Solis Presets are perfect for any photographer wanting to get more creative with their editing process, have natural ways to bring attention to the subject, seamlessly cover up distractions, and amplify already present natural lighting. Fall in love with these 25 creative effects and embrace the light in a completely new way.

Anni Graham – Lumine

a couple lies on a bed, and a sunbeam shines through a window directly onto them

The Lumine Presets are a collection of light and shadows that take your images to the next level. Inspired by those beautiful shadows you see on your living room wall from the trees outside that you wish existed at every shoot. The light brings creativity and focus to your subjects, and the shadows bring depth and emotion. They can be used indoors or outdoors, in combination with each other, and easily manipulated from shape to size to intensity with the LLF Lightroom plug-in feature. These presets transform any image into something unique and captivating.

Meridian – Lux Compositor

a couple hugs each other at a beach
Image by Kim Go Photography

Our Lux Compositor marks the beginning of the next generation of lightroom lens flares and effects. Shooting into the sun but didn’t get any flare or didn’t get the look you wanted? We got you because, with Lux Compositor, you can build the flare of your dreams. Start by picking a light wash, then how you want the sun to look, add in light rays exactly where YOU want them, and finish by adding a touch of flare. The compositor takes advantage of LR11’s new layer tools and puts you in complete creative control.

Twyla Jones – AERO

a couple walks through dunes on a cloudy day

The AERO presets include a variety of birds, clouds, and tilt-shift effect presets to enhance the mood of your images. You have total of all sliders within your brush panel. Our custom-made LLFx – Plugin for Lightroom will even allow you to modify the presets in any shape or form you want.

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Get your hands on our free presets now!

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