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Artists of the Year

The Most Kickass Wedding Images from 2019

The new year has just arrived, but we have to take a moment to look back. Three hundred sixty-five days that brought us some of the best wedding images that we have ever seen. Fifty-five thousand creative minds that share their work in our LOOKSLIKEFILM group every single day. Sixty-two thousand images shared in the past year, but only 186 made our list in for wedding portrait images.
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Macro Photography Ideas

Fascinating Macro Photography Ideas That Will Inspire You

It is pretty amazing to discover so many details in common animals, humans, and things that surround us every day.
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Amazing Snow Photos That Show The Magic Of Winter Season

So this week's topic was all about snow, and our community members had the chance to share their favorite snow photos with us.
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Kids & Children

The Best Images From Our 2019 Kids Contest!

We are so happy to announce the best kids portraits from our recent LLF Kids photography contest. Check out our blog post and fall in love with the magical images from our LLF Kids Community!
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Fog Photos

15 Dreamy And Moody Fog Photos You'll Love

We wanted to see some moody, dreamy, and unique work that shows natural fog.
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Capture One Styles By LOOKSLIKEFILM

Reverie was developed to make photo editing as efficient as possible. From moody, cinematic edits to clean film-inspired looks, the Reverie color palette works in many different ways.
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